Mission Overwatch launches July 1, 2021 and runs throughout July. It’s Team Rubicon’s annual, full-team fundraising challenge to help fund Greyshirt-led disaster operation responses throughout the 2021 storm season. By joining Mission Overwatch, you help Greyshirts quickly deploy where they’re needed most.

Your passion for TR combined with an ability to spread awareness to your followers on social media and personal networks can equal exponential impact for communities who will count on the service of our mostly military veteran volunteer force. Your mission awaits!

Learn more and sign up here.

Turning your passion for Team Rubicon and supporting communities impacted by disaster is easy. We’ll set you up with all the tools, tips, and pointers needed to make your fundraising a success. We’ll even set you up with a personal fundraising coach to help you through the process. Please send an email to [email protected] to get started.

Not interested in joining Mission Overwatch but still want to fundraise? Take a look at the fundraising options below.

Take what you’re passionate about and help support Team Rubicon’s disaster response operations

Fundraise for Your Birthday

Fundraise for Operations

Fundraise in Memory